February 23, 2021

Brianna & Ben Church Wedding

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I had to add this into this post, because it POPPED OFF on Instagram! It currently has 700+ likes and 40+ shares and a butt ton of comments. When I noticed how well it was doing I immediately texted Bri and was like "Girl you're famous LOL".

So a little bit of background behind how we got this photo...Brianna really was hoping for some snow on her wedding day. Every winter bride does let's be real here. And living in southern east TN that more than likely wasn't going to happen naturally! She for sure wanted to do a "fake snow" send off, but really wanted to do it with something that would be environmentally friendly! I LOVE IT! So she came across the potato flake look and went to work to make it happen. And then this photo was born...so all credit goes to Bri and the wonderful people who helped make it happen!

The Wedding was Perfect for this Down to Earth Couple...

Church weddings are getting less and less "popular". So when Brianna told me that she was planning on doing a small church wedding I got almost giddy, because I hadn't gotten to shoot one yet! I loved the traditional vibes it gave! The sanctuary had the most amazing stained glass windows...they seriously took my breath away! Don't stray away from doing a more traditional church wedding if that is what you truly want to do. Your wedding should look like you and your relationship! Do it how you want to!

Brianna and Ben are two of the most precious, down to earth, chill people I have ever met. I loved getting to work with them! Here ya go, the most beautiful church wedding...